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My Apps

I enjoy writing web applications and have written many over the years. Recent examples are:

myLatitude: This is a Google App Engine project for creating a personal latitude server replacement. The app creates an endpoint for the backitude Android app to send location updates to. It then enables the owner to view his current location on a Google Map. You can also grant access, via one use URLs, to other users allowing them to view your location. Once access is granted, their Google Accounts are linked to the app and they will continue to have the ability to monitor to your location details. Anyone who does not have access is not allowed to view your location data.

Asteroids API: My PhD project created a collection of time series data for Asteroids observed by the SuperWASP telescopes. My App applied a restful API to this data to enable it to be explored and downloaded. The API is written using the Python micro-framework work bottle. On top of the API I have produced an interactive Javascript AJAX powered website which enabled users to interrogate the available data and also plot various asteroid light curves.

My Travel Map: This project creates interactive trip maps using data from my travels. The front end uses JQuery and the Google Maps API to plot and interact with the data. The backend of the app currently uses PHP, with the geo and meta data stored in a MySQL database. I am converting this project to an Open Source Python Django app with an API to allow geo data to flow to and from the database in GeoJSON format.


Asteroids API

My Travel Map


I have been working in Astronomy, since the start of my PhD, as a computation specialist. During that time I have worked on two main projects:

SuperWASP is a UK lead consortium searching for Exoplanets which has two telescopes, one in La Palma (Canary Islands) and the other in South Africa. The project has found over 100 Exoplanets since starting in 2004. During my PhD I programmed code to cross match asteroid observations in the SuperWASP data which otherwise would have been discarded. My code has matched over 6 million observations with known asteroids. After my PhD I worked at the University of St Andrews on the data reduction pipeline for this project.

Qatar Exoplanet Survey is another transiting exoplanet survey which has been running since 2010 and has discovered two planets. I worked on the project from 2010 until 2014 at the University of St Andrews with sole responsibility for the projects operations and data reduction development. Since 2014 the project has expanded and moved to Qatar. I am currently responsible for the projects data archiving / data querying automation, data reduction and in developing codes for the next generation of telescopes coming online in 2015.

About Me

My name is Neil. I am British but am currently living in Doha, Qatar working on the Qatar Exoplanet Survey. Previously I lived in Kirkcaldy in Scotland and worked at the University of St Andrews. I have a PhD in Planetary and Space Science from the Open University, and have been working on the computation side of Astronomy for the last 6 years. My CV can be downloaded here.

Outside of work I love to travel and am lucky enough to have visited many different countries. Over the last few years I have been spending a lot of time in Australia where my fiancée has been living. I also enjoy sports and fitness, and have played a number of team sports. I enjoy Yoga and have been practicing for a number of years.